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6 June;  Author: Dex la Cabra

It's that time again~! Time to look at what the NiGHTS community has been up to this past month!

This update is actually for April as well as there were so few submissions last month,

I simply compiled them here instead!




Anthro7 shares with us this ridiculously cool NiGHTS lampshade!





DP shares with us a collection of stellar work, from a NiGHTS Nendoroid design

to a redraw of a fan favourite costume!



Dreamie shares with us art work of NiGHTS and Reala,

with some incredible colouring and effects going on!





Jan3D shares with us this lovely picture of his NiGHTS model flying through the sky!





Luna shares with us this fantastic picture of NiGHTS,

mixing elements of both his NiD and JoD designs!



Mila. H


Mila. H shares with us these brilliant designs for Oreos based on NiGHTS, Sonic and Balan!



NiGHTS into Zines


NiGHTS into Zines continues to go strong with its latest issues!

Also, the lovely staff of the zine have arranged a T-Shirt design competition

to celebrate NiGHTS' 25th Anniversary this year!

If you're an artist be sure to enter and support this wonderful idea!

The more people who enter, the more chance of winning!





PGirl has been ON FIRE lately, sharing with us piece after piece of quality NiGHTS art!

Those NiGHTS Earrings are so over the top, I love them~!






SegaChildStarSpawn (still the coolest name ever!) shares these MerMay drawings,

both NiGHTS and a Nightopian!





TRAGEDiCART shares with us some fantastic artwork and does what SEGA couldn't;

give Helen life and soul behind her eyes ;) Excellent work!





TxpZ_998 shares with us a sensational design of a dragon based fanmaren!


And there you have it! A slew of NiGHTS goodness to tide us over until next time!

If you have any NiGHTS related art, music, videos etc that you've been working on,

share them with us via the contact page at the top on the website!

Also please consider entering the NiGHTS 25th Anniversary T-Shirt contest mentioned above,

the more the merrier as Eggman says! I'll be doing a post focused on it ASAP!


See you next time~!


Community Post: March 2021

7 April;  Author: Dex la Cabra


It's that time of month again, Community Post time!

This time we're looking at the artwork and such sent to us in March,

a decidedly quiet month but one that bore fruit regardless, let's take a look~!




7marichan7 shared this lip sync video for Reala Day!

It won't let me embed it for some reason so you'll have to follow the link~!





Andy-Cat10 shared this awesome pencil drawing of NiGHTS!





Anthro7 and the gang have released the latest issue of NiGHTS into Zines,

with a wonderful picture of Reala for the front cover!





D.P shares this lovely picture of Reala with an idea for two shadowy subordinates

called Miasma and Ectoplasma, very cool~!





Dreamie shares this fantastic photo of NiGHTS urgently stopping a dreamer from falling~!





Dreamy shares this sleek picture of Reala, the fluidity in this piece is incredible!





DreamyImagination101 shares this atmospheric picture of Reala soaring through the night sky!





Luna shares this pair of pictures of NiGHTS, each with a different background!



Mila H


Mila H shares this funny picture of NiGHTS using one of Balans dreads as a mustache~!



SegaChild Starspawn


SegaChild Starspawn (with the coolest name EVER!?) shares this picutre of NiGHTS with Balan, Sonic and her OC

as they play with some Tims~!





TRAGEDiCART shares the latest drawing of their St Patricks Day/Spring NiGHTS, an older piece of Reala

with some Ursula flair and an animatic of Reala singing~!





Viperxmns shares these older pieces of Reala, looking both blingin' AND pimpin'! What a pair!



So there we have it! Another collection complete!

It would have been done sooner but I got heavily distracted over the end of March by Balan Wonderworld!

It's not perfect but by god does it have some good stuff going on in there, from the music to the art direction to

that one costume that totally breaks the game but it feels GREAT to do so haha!

Until next time~!



6 March;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Wayyyy back when "NiGHTS into Dreams…" first came out there were

plush toys available from UFO Catcher machines in Japan!

There were 6 toys available: NiGHTS, Flying NiGHTS, Reala, Elliot, Claris and a Nightopian!

I don't currently own the Flying NiGHTS plush (the only difference is his arms are up

and I've never felt like putting 200 quid down for such a small variant) but the others

are all viewable here! They're rough by todays plush standards, but they're still

some really nice collectables to have!

















NiGHTS into Zines

4 March;  Author: Dex la Cabra

There are fan projects, and then there are FAN PROJECTS!

Headed by Anthro7, "NiGHTS into Zines" is a monthly release full of all sorts of articles

and activities, from wordsearches to recipes, colour in pages to Q&As!

Click on the covers below to go to the respective issue!

Other useful links: Anthro7's DeviantART I DeviantART Group I Twitter 












Community Post: February 2021

3 March;  Author: Dex la Cabra

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Dex, shouldn't this be February/March?"!

I had something of a realisation that I was labelling the post after the month the post was uploaded in,

but not the month that actual art was collected over, so I've waited a bit to realign it all!

This post collects artwork and such from both, January and February but the last

Community post already said January so I didn't label it again haha!

Okay enough waffle, let's look at some beautiful beautiful art~!


Ameer Ashour


Ameer Ashour shares this delightful picture of NiGHTS~!





Anthro7 shares the latest issues of NiGHTS into Zines, get them while they're HOT!





D.P is at it again, bringing us quality artwork on a regular basis~! And this time they're not alone!

That last picture is actually a collab with VictoryRina, NiGHTS fans UNITE!





One of the great things about doing these posts is that I get to watch all you artists progress

and evolve as you harness your skills! Dreamie for example is constantly impressing me,

this time sharing some genuinely spectacular artwork~!

There is also a speedpaint for the NiGHTS piece!





Dreamplazas shares this wonderful picture of Reala, with an alternative,

far more bright take~!

They also share this AMV, this has me wanting to play JoD again! 



Momo's Art


Momo's Art shares this lovely piece of NiGHTS art~!



Myotis Cervus


Myotis Cervus shares this brilliant picture of Jackle in a cool, very angular, almost polygonal style~!





Squiderdoodle shares these incredible fan designs of NiGHTS, his past self, Reala and OC Void!





TRAGEDiCART, like D.P, makes sure we always have some wonderful NiGHTS

content to see on a regular basis~!





Watch out, he's got a ruddy gun! TXPZ shares this great picture of Reala sporting a rainbow sniper rifle~!


So there you have it, another collection of seminal work from the NiGHTS fans, keeping the dream alive!

Next month starts with Reala Day on the 1st of April, so let's get to work on some good stuff to honour him haha!


Until next time~!


Reala First 4 Figures Statue

28 February;  Author: Dex la Cabra



Collected here is a series of photos of the Reala statue by First 4 Figures, taken from the site itself!

Included is a shot of the statue next to some drink cans for scale, so you can see he's a big boy~!

Reala hasn't shipped yet at the time of writing, and you can add yourself to the wait list to get either

the Exclusive Edition or the Standard Edition, the difference being that the Exclusive Edition has LEDs

throughout to make a pulsating effect through the cloud!



NiGHTS First 4 Figures Statue

28 February;  Author: Dex la Cabra



Collected here are photos of the NiGHTS First 4 Figures Statue, taken from the site itself!

Included are some of the earlier photos before tweaks were made on the final product,

such as the colour of the jewel on NiGHTS' chest.

Though sold out now, you can visit the page for the Exclusive Edition and the Regular Edition,

the difference being that the Exclusive Edition has LEDs to make the moon light up!

And yes, there's plenty of shots of NiGHTS' glorious ass, you bonafide degenerates, you~!



First 4 Figures Statues

28 February;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Some of the higher end NiGHTS merch, the First 4 Figures statues might be a bit pricey for your

common person but splash out on these bad boys and you'll be treated to some quality delights!

Click on an image below to see a close look at the respective statue!




First4Figures Reala Statue Delayed

12 January;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Hello again! 2021 is off to a wonderful start, isn't it?

If you've ordered the First4Figures Reala you'll have received an email stating that Reala was entering Mid-production. Good news right?

Well it turns out that this email was sent accidentally, and that Realas release date has in fact been delayed until Q3 2021. This was to be expected given the current state of the planet (and First4Figures track record ;););)) so no surprises here!

The email reads as follows:

"First off, we would like to thank you for patiently waiting. We recently sent a notification to let you know that your statue is in the middle stages of production. Please ignore the notification as it was sent due to a manual error from our end. The statue is still in the early stages of production.

The estimated release date has been extended to the 3rd quarter of 2021. Our first priority is to make sure that the finished product lives up to our customers expectations and we will not compromise quality to reach the estimated release date. We will resend the Product Completion notification email again as soon as we get to the middle stages of production.

Thank you for your understanding. Should you have any inquiries, please fill in the Contact Us form on our website."

So if they're delaying it to ensure quality, this is only a good thing!

Let's be patient, Reala will be here soon enough~!


NiGHTS Community: December/January

3 January;  Author: Dex la Cabra

Hello and welcome to the last Community Post of 2020 / first Community Post of 2021~!

We've got a double whammy of artwork from both new faces and old favourites, let's have a look!


Ameer Ashour


Ameer Ashour shares with us a cool fusion of JoD and NiD Key art!






Anthro7 shares not one but two issues of NiGHTS into Zines, a great way to end the year!












D.P shares a whole slew of incredible artwork, including some older pieces of a cool Autumn NiGHTS design!










Dreamie shares some fantastic artwork, showing how far they've grown as an artist~!


Konami Yung


Konami Yung shares this cute picture of NiGHTS chilling in the night sky~!


Mila .H


Mila .H shares this cosy picture of NiGHTS, inspired by a candle in real life~!


Myotis Cervus


Myotis Cervus shares this festive picture of Christmas NiGHTS, the texture work really brings this piece to life!


Nanis TM


Nanis TM shares a cool NiGHTS face mask made by their parents!




Pokéhita shares this wonderful picture of NiGHTS above Bellbridge, the city must have taken particularly long~!




Toppy shares some excellent art to celebrate JoD's 13th Anniversary~!









TRAGEDiCART shares some very Autumnal artwork and some celebratory JoD birthday art~!




Whalewithay shares this very warm picture of Christmas NiGHTS basking in the light of a star~!


Yuki Chan


Yuki Chan (NSFW 18+ Warning!) shares this picture of NiGHTS sitting on the moon in the night sky!


We had some beautiful submissions this time,

thank you to everyone who worked hard this year to give us NiGHTS content to enjoy in the worst year of recent history!

Let's continue to support the NiGHTS series through 2021, which will hopefully be a better year for all!


Until next time, keep on fighting~!


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